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The US aerospace sector has gone down in history, with many famous events to its name including the Wrights Brothers' first powered flight in 1902, and the first man on the moon in 1969. Since then, it’s continued to play a significant role in the US and across the world.

  • The US aerospace sector is the largest on a global level.
  • Aerospace and defense directly employs almost 2 billion people, making up 1.4% of all employment in America.
  • Total industry sales contribute $382bn – 1.8% of collective US GDP.
  • FDI (foreign direct investment) into US aerospace is more than $20bn.
  • The sector has a positive trade balance, valuing $40.6bn.

Sector Details

The global pandemic threw curveballs at the aerospace sector, but it continues to bounce back. As a result, it demands high-value skills and disciplines, which our aerospace recruitment agency can help you source.

  • As specialists in aerospace staffing, we recruit for a range of roles including procurement and purchasing, and logistics and supply chain.
  • Managers need to be able to work successfully in an innovative, fast-paced, and competitive environment.
  • For candidates, the sector offers a great package – average wages and benefits are 41% above the comparable national average.

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