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Our commitments to you

Our promise

  • Our team aim to surpass your expectations every single time, and focus on building long-lasting relationships
  • We work towards your needs, and treat every candidate as an individual
  • We genuinely care about what you want, that's why we'll never pressure you to consider a role that isn't suitable

Our purpose

  • Cast USA's goal is to set new industry standards. All our consultants have in-depth knowledge or experience of the area they recruit for
  • We get to know your entire career, past, present and future, and we won't present you with a job that isn't a good fit
  • You can trust that we'll never forward your details to a client without your consent and we'll deliver a consistent quality of service

We're transparent

  • Authenticity and integrity are at the heart of our every action - we're always transparent and give honest feedback
  • We'll be completely open in all negotiations when acting as the middle between candidate and client
  • We don't do things by halves - we get to the nitty-gritty, taking the time to understand the role and company culture

We never stand still

  • 'Stop' isn't in our vocabulary - constantly strive to be innovative
  • Our team regularly assess our processes, tweaking them to deliver an even better and quicker service
  • We can help secure you a job in the best companies out there - and the best roles too

What we recruit

We'll make your job hunt easy. With connections to the best companies out there, we can help you find the role of your dreams - in your desired specialism.

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Sectors we cover

Here at Cast USA, we get that you don't want to just any old job. That's why our recruitment agency takes the time to understand you, your needs and what you want from your career journey. And this includes ensuring you find work in a sector that fits you.