Our team are experts in recruitment services. Since 2005, we've been matching high-calibre professionals with growth-focused businesses, enabling great success all round.

Why us?

We know your market inside out. In fact, we've hired in a number of key specialisms for years, so we're best placed to secure the high-level talent you need.

By taking the time to fully understand your requirements, company and culture specification, we're able to present you with the perfect candidates.

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Our promise

Our promise

We never settle for less. Trust that we go above and beyond - each and every time.

Our purpose

Our purpose

We don't just bring you any old candidates. We provide the right talent - setting a new standard in recruitment.

Why companies choose Cast USA

Recruitment should be a quick, simple process and it should provide you with the talent and skills that your business needs to thrive. Recruitment is simple with Cast USA. That's why companies choose us.

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Sectors we cover

Acting as strategic advisors, we know how important it is to have a great understanding of our clients' sectors and the challenges they face.

Our approach

We believe in collaboration. That's why we build a positive relationship with you right from the very beginning, ensuring we understand your business objectives, skill requirements and staffing plans. This means we can get on with finding the best talent, while you focus on your own organization and responsibilities.

You'll be given a dedicated contact who'll develop a clear account strategy to accomplish your ambitions. In the end, we always make sure you can secure the new talent and skills you need.

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Our commitments to you

Our promise

  • Our team aim to surpass your expectations every single time, and focus on building long-lasting relationships.
  • You won't hear empty promises from us - we only take on work that we're certain we can fulfil.
  • We genuinely care what our clients want, that's why we seek to gain a strong understanding of your company culture.

Our purpose

  • Cast USA's goal is to set a new industry standard. All our consultants have in-depth knowledge or experience of the area they recruit for.
  • We'll personalize our recruitment services to your needs and strategy.
  • We'll build a defined project plan and timescale for your staffing strategy.

We're transparent

  • Authenticity and integrity are at the heart of everything we do. Our team are always transparent and open in our USA staffing search process.
  • We'll be completely open in all negotiations when acting as the middle between candidate and client.
  • We don't do things by halves - we get to the nitty-gritty, taking the time to understand the role and company culture.

We never stand still

  • 'Stop' isn't in our vocabulary - we constantly strive to be innovative.
  • Our team regularly assess all our processes, constantly looking to develop them to deliver more value to you.
  • We're creating a new standard in staffing services and recruitment solutions, to help establish and maintain rewarding, long-lasting relationships.

Think finding the right talent is complicated? That's why we've made our recruitment Solutions simple.