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Hiring fractional talent and C-suite personnel is something we are seeing more and more companies, especially SMEs, benefitting from. Fractional leaders are typically experienced executives with a high level of knowledge and experience in a specific area, who can come into your business and provide strategic advice and help with growth plans.


Hiring a full-time employee, the level of a typical fractional leader can be expensive, often too expensive for small or medium-sized businesses. Hiring a C-suite level professional on a shorter-term basis means they can provide advice, set your company up for success, and then leave it to you and your team to execute the plan and strategy.

Bringing fractional hires into the business with no bias and a huge amount of experience means they can offer a different style of leadership, see things from a different perspective, and help you accelerate your growth. These are just some of the advantages to be gained from a fractional hire.

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If you have experience as a fractional leader or have the qualities to offer fractional advice, we can help place you into companies that need your expertise. Cast USA work with a wide variety of SMEs and startups, and we are seeing more and more of our clients looking for fractional hires to come into their business on an interim basis to help with strategy.
We are already working with many fractional leaders such as:

  • Fractional CEOs
  • Fractional CFOs
  • Fractional COOs
  • Fractional HRDs
  • Fractional CPOs
  • Fractional CSCOs
  • Fractional CLMOs
We work hard to understand our candidates' skills and expertise to be able to match you with forward-thinking businesses.

So, if you're interested in fractional leadership, get in touch with the team at Cast USA.

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Whether your business is looking for expertise in Supply Chain, Logistics, HR, Finance, Sales or Operations, we already have an extensive network of fractional talent with expertise across a variety of sectors. Our specialist recruitment experience is second to none, so we can match you with the exact expertise you need.

Although fractional hiring seems to have grown in popularity, it's certainly not new. Small businesses and startups have been deploying this strategy for many years to help maximize growth & implement new projects to achieve strategic golas, and Cast USA have the experience to help.

So, if you're looking for a different approach to help drive growth in your business, why not use fractional interim hiring? Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help place the perfect executive in your business.

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