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In the retail & wholesale world, the landscape is ever-changing, that's why getting your retail recruitment right is key. Luckily, Cast USA has been recruiting in the retail sector since 2005, so we know it like the back of our hand.

We have unrivaled access to a network of top retail talent, so whether you're looking to recruit in the retail space, or looking for your next job in retail, contact us today.

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Sector Overview

The retail and wholesale sector has been significant change due to the pandemic. This has boosted eCommerce sales, and the call for digital transformation.

  • Approximately 15 million people are currently employed in the US retail sector
  • The shift to digital is likely to continue, with many businesses planning investments in eCommerce, contactless, and store technology upgrades
  • eCommerce's popularity is prompting retail-to-warehouse conversions
  • The cost of customer acquisition has risen, so companies are considering new revenue models, and establishing partnerships and alliances to build a profitable and digital omnichannel experience
  • Order fulfilment, warehouse management, and procurement are expected to see the biggest investments

Sector Details

To undo the effects of the pandemic on the retail sector, we must now ensure confidence by winning the last mile, fortifying links in the supply chain, and making decisions with customers in mind. Leaders will be at the core, and our retail recruitment agency can help.

  • As a retail recruitment agency, we can secure talent for wholesale and retail jobs like buying and merchandising, warehouse and distribution, and supply chain management
  • Leaders have realized the importance of quick repsonses to consumer needs, so they must be more resilient and agile
  • For candidates, career progression is vast - especially if they can effectively manage change

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