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Sector Overview

There's currently a lot of opportunity fo the transport industry. After all, the more consumers spend, the greater the need for freight to move goods.

  • The transport sector, along with related industries, employ more than 13.3 million Americans, making up 9.1% of the workforce
  • There's significant foreign direct investment in the logistics and transportation sector (in 2018, this equated to $1.5 billion)
  • In 2018, 5.25 trillion ton-miles of freight were transported by the USA. This is expected to increase to 7.67 trillion by 2045
  • The most popular transported good is transportation equipment, followed by electronic products, then chemicals 
  • Transport accounts for up to 29% of US greenhouse gas emissions - the largest portion in total. Reducing these is a crucial goal for the sector

Sector Details

While the need for transport is ising, transport specialists must balance this demand to boost sustainability. Our transport recruitment agency is best placed to deliver you ideal candidates.

  • As transport talent experts, our recruitment services can support you with a variety of roles in logistics, distribution and supply chain management
  • Transport leaders need to possess advanced technical skills, and be able to solve unforeseen challenges
  • Many in the sector are nearing the age of retirement. As such, vacancies are on the rise and companies need young talent to fill them

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