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Sector Overview

The manufacturing industry is at the heart of the US economy. Because of the pandemic, supply chains have shifted, and there's now pressure to capitalize on digital to keep pace with the sector.

  • Manufacturing is the face of US innovation, and was found to be the greatest driver in the nation
  • It's anticipated that an additional 4.6 million manufacturing jobs will be required over the next decade
  • The skills shortage is a major challenge, in fact, most leaders have named limited talent pools, labor competition and government subsidies as problems with manufacturing staffing
  • With the pandemic demonstrating that the USA has a reliance on overseas manufacturing, and the resulting issues of delayed shipping and increased costs, supply chains are shifting locally. This is boosting reliability and helping the sector recover
  • Manufacturing uses around one third of the world's engineering, but sustainable manufacturing is on the rise to tackle the negative environmental impact
  • Digital investment is core, with digital twins in particular providing the opportunity for manufacturers to be more resilient and flexible

Sector Details

The pandemic had a significant impact on the sector. Now, leaders must focus on rebuilding lost revenue streams, adjusting supply networks, and problem solving to meet any incoming challenges. Through our manufacturing recruitment agency, you can ensure you have the right talent to move forward.

  • As a manufacturing recruiter, we find candidates for a wide range of roles related to procurement and purchasing, and logistics and supply chain
  • In the post-pandemic world, manufacturing managers need to be more agile and better at navigating disruptions
  • Candidates will find great opportunities, especially if they're familiar with technology, and open to new ways and operational models

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