Sector Overview

The pharmaceutical sector is crucial to the US. In fact, it has an incredibly supportive environment, with an intellectual property system that offers patent and data protection, a meticulous science-based regulatory system, and an immense scientific research base.

  • There are four main areas to pharmaceuticals: preparation, biological products, diagnostic substances, medicines.
  • The sector’s total value for pharmaceutical shipments distributed is $202bn, with preparation contributing almost three-quarters of this.
  • Industry facilities top 2,350, with the most in California, followed by New Jersey and New York.
  • The US employs more than 245,000 employees in the sector.
  • Firms in the US carry out more than half the world’s pharmaceutical R&D.

Sector Details

With strong support, and ever-increasing demand, the sector remains a staple. And it needs to be led by highly skilled and educated pharmaceutical specialists. To help you find such talent, look no further than our pharmaceutical recruitment agency.

  • As experts in pharmaceutical recruitment, we can secure talent for all pharmaceuticals roles, from procurement and purchasing to logistics and supply chain.
  • A relevant education and strong level of experience is often preferred, though managers also need to be able to think strategically and build robust relationships.
  • There are changes to the in-demand skill sets – a broader skills base is required to fulfil the needs of the sector, supported by emerging technologies.

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