Sector Overview

The FMCG sector is core to the USA market. But with such demand to make the products that consumers most want, and continuous changes dominated by technological disruption, there’s extreme pressure.

  • The USA’s FMCG sector is the largest in the world.
  • It contributes to 6% of the country’s entire GDP.
  • Consumers are more price conscious than ever, with 31% agreeing to this statement. Up to 82% are set to carry on saving habits adopted in the pandemic.
  • There’s great pressure on brands to build their messaging around brand loyalty, by focusing on things like CSR, familiarity, consistency, reassurance and authenticity.
  • Because of the pandemic, more brands are shifting to digital channels to engage consumers.
  • Innovation and scalability are key, and so many FMCG sector businesses are looking at how to improve their supply chain resilience.

Sector Details

It’s clearly a dynamic sector, and agility is crucial. Thankfully, this is the foundation of Cast USA. Our FMCG recruitment agency will source talented candidates for roles where you never know what will happen next. With our recruitment and staffing services, you can act, rather than stand still.

  • As an FMCG recruiter, we can secure talent in a variety of specialisms from logistics and distribution, buying and merchandising, and supply chain.
  • Managers need to have a learning mindset where they can accept mistakes, gain knowledge from others, and take action to improve the business.
  • For candidates, it’s an incredibly rewarding career option. Progression opportunities are great, and you could make a global impact.

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