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Logistics is a growing function in the USA, and one of the only ones to have thrived during the COVID-19 crisis, seeing growth of almost 5% in 2020. By 2025, its value is anticipated to achieve $1.254 trillion.

In our modern and ever-changing world, logistics and transport recruitment is key. Whether it's a curveball like a pandemic, the dynamic demands of a significant change such as technological disruption, or meeting holiday season pressure, logistics is up there - front and center.

With considerable investment proposed for transport infrastructure, these specialists will continue to be in high demand in the market. So, if you're a candidate seeking a fresh role, or a client looking to evolve, Cast USA are here to help. We believe in the importance of going the extra mile to support you.

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Trust that we'll take the time to learn about your company, culture, and what the vacancy requires, so we can find someone who not only fits the role, but adds to it.

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We have a fantastic track record in securing logistics talent, representing global brands and advising on recruitment strategies. With an innate understanding of the dynamic challenges facing the sector, we have the capabilities to find professional and managerial-level candidates for your business. We ensure that these candidates have the relevant skills to fulfill the developing demands of the market, from strategic management to customer service.

Although logistics isn't always top of the list when it comes to attracting young talent, it's a career that offers a wealth of opportunity, with prospects for global travel. That's why securing high-calibre individuals is key. Get in touch with us today and let us find the logistics talent to take your business to the next level.

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Cast USA did a thorough job of retaining the information we provided, went out & found the candidates that would fit our company. They were all fantastic candidates.

I would absolutely feel comfortable recommending Cast to colleagues and individuals in the industry

Will Freeman

Director of Logistics at The Honey Pot

Recruitment Solutions

Think finding the right logistics talent is complicated? That's why we've made our recruitment solutions simple. Want to choose how much you pay? Want a longer replacement period? Want to spread your payments? No problem.


  • A solution tailored to your precise needs
  • Choose the length of your free replacement period, or none at all
  • A seamless process, with every step effectively managed by us
  • Various extra features to pick from (at no additional cost)
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  • The option for a longer free replacement period over the contract length
  • Your team will be able to focus on where their talents lie: the core business
  • No issues around compliance - we'll shoulder the risk for you
  • You get the talent as soon as you're ready to propel your business growth
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signs you need our solutions now

  1. Your business growth is being hindered by poor talent acquisition
  2. You're struggling to attract the right talent
  3. Your team isn't currently able to concentrate on their core roles
  4. You don't want to deal with the complexity around the recruitment process
  5. You want to outsource recruitment without paying a lump sum

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Advance your logistics career with the support of Cast USA, moving up the ladder or taking a sideways step into a new role. Our boundless network and extensive experience will help you realize your aspirations. And, there's a variety of positions to progress to, for example, Logistics Manager or Logistics Director roles.

You can have faith that our transport recruitment agency will get to know you, and build a relationship that lets you enhance your career. We'll advise you on various aspects of your journey, such as resume writing, professional networking, social media and general career development.

Our team have matched thousands of candidates to their dream jobs in logistics, helping them to make headway in the industry and achieve their career goals.

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