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I am VP of Sales here at Cast USA, tasked with providing a world-class service to my clients. Being able to use some of the most cutting-edge technology available in recruitment helps me provide my clients with this world-class service and our bespoke solutions. I have traveled the world providing excellent service and products to a variety of industries, I bring this experience to each and every job I do. Working in recruitment is hugely rewarding and knowing that I can positively influence the industry, businesses and people's lives is a responsibility I take very seriously.

I pride myself on being an excellent communicator and I hold my personal and professional integrity in the highest regard. Making myself available to clients is imperative so communication and time management skills are essential, luckily this is something I have always excelled at.

I am a father of four so my hobbies are dictated by what the kids are up to but a typical weekend will be jam-packed with rugby, soccer, parties, and chores. Throughout the week I will always find time for a run, running has always been my downtime activity. 

I also enjoy cooking and my travel has influenced that greatly, so you'll regularly smell a Brazilian Feijoada or a Moroccan Couscous or Tagine from my kitchen.

I love tech, maybe a bit too much, as worryingly I recently bought a dishwasher on the back of the fact you can operate it from an app anywhere in the world!

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