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Logistics is one of the few markets that actually saw significant success during the pandemic. As a result, there are many opportunities available, and a strong need for logistics specialists.

  • The logistics market generated $992bn in 2020 (a 4.75% increase from 2019).
  • It’s predicted that the market will see a steady rise in value, reaching $1.254 trillion by 2025.
  • The 3PL market of logistics is also growing – it’s expected to reach $297bn by 2023.
  • Technology is having a notable impact – trucking and warehousing have seen the highest level of technological integration via the use of IoT, AGV, ASRS, along with electric and self-driving vehicles.
  • E-commerce is key, specifically driving the last mile and courier express parcel segments of the sector.

Sector Details

The need for customers to get their goods ASAP puts pressure on the sector for even quicker delivery. Leaders should work swiftly and be able to embrace dynamism. Fortunately, the logistic staffing experts at Cast USA can help you find such talent just as quickly.

  • Our logistics staffing agency support with the wide spectrum of managerial roles in the sector.
  • Managers specifically need to possess strong management and customer service abilities, along with advanced IT skills.
  • As logistics is a global sector, candidates have access to international work opportunities.

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