Gary Robinson

Jul 03, 2023

How we delivered for Gourmet Foods International

Case Study

Gourmet Foods International is a specialty cheese and gourmet food distribution company with 8 distribution warehouses across the US. For over half a century, they have maintained an unwavering passion for connecting consumers with the perfect specialty products from all over the world.

Here's a summary of the work we have done in partnership with GFI recently....

The Brief

Consisted of two roles;

Director of Transportation Atlanta – GFI approached us with an immediate requirement for someone to head up their transport function as their Director of Transportation Atlanta. The business has existing state-based transport managers to manage day-to-day operations, however they required more expertise & experience in the business to manage their transport strategy: reviewing best practices, ensuring continuous improvement and maximising their network.

Operations Manager Conroe, Texas – This role is the number one person on-site and the successful candidate needed to have proven experience of managing large distribution centres. There was also a big focus on people management and development as GFI looked to develop their current management team.

The Challenges

Different stakeholders across different states meant that any recruitment process could be potentially long & arduous. The client had had previous difficulty in finding candidates with the cultural fit they were looking for, which can make or break a placement.

Our Approach

Gourmet had never used a recruitment partner offering video interviewing before and this was a real attraction for them, with multiple stakeholders involved in the decision-making process our video interviewing platform BroadCAST made screening candidates much easier.

Our specialist knowledge of logistics & operations recruitment allowed us to draw on our extensive experience of interviewing operations and transportation applicants, utilizing our expertise to ask the right questions to identify the exact talent required.

Our large network of suitable specialist candidates meant that we easily identified the talent GFI needed outside of their existing networks.

Our Solution

Our CASTTalent solution meant our team undertook all first stage video interviews on behalf of GFI to screen candidates ahead of the 2nd stage, expediting GFI’s recruitment process considerably as well as allowing better coordination of input from all stakeholders, some of which are based in other states.

In addition, CASTTalent provided best value for recruiting multiple roles in this scenario, with the ability to spread costs over a 3-month period.

The Results

Director of Transport Role

The successful candidate is an experienced supply chain and transportation specialist, with extensive TMS and transport data knowledge (a big draw for GFI). Our candidate holds good relationships with carriers and is adept at data modelling and optimization which was of real interest to our client.

  • 29 candidates shortlisted
  • 4 resumes sent
  • 2 1st stage interviews
  • 7 weeks to recruit

Operations Manager

The successful candidate has a background in running both warehousing and manufacturing operations. They are a strong people manager, someone who could instantly get their team to buy into their vision.

Our candidate has really impressed in his first couple of months, so much so in fact, that their recruitment and their approach, has led to changes in additional GFI hires.

  • 43 candidates shortlisted
  • 8 resumes sent
  • 7 1st stage interviews
  • 6 weeks to recruit

Gourmet Foods have committed to continue to work with CAST USA going forward continuing to use our CASTTalent solution.

I feel that the service you provided for the cost was definitely worthwhile and really helped us find good candidates for the positions so I would absolutely recommend CAST.

Cherie Spencer – VP of HR, Risk & Strategic Management


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