Agile interim professionals for an ever-changing world.

It's frustrating, isn't it? You're ready to move ahead with a new project, or a business challenge appears, and you're held back by a critical gap in expertize. We get it. So, we created CASTInterim - designed to quickly get the short-term talent you need.

Hit the ground running with CASTInterim.

signs you need CASTInterim right now

  1. You're unable to progress with a project due to a talent gap
  2. You're worried about the risk associated with interim talent
  3. You want to avoid a long, convoluted recruitment process
  4. You need to boost your agility due to a developing or uncertain landscape
  5. You're looking for more choice in your recruitment process, including how you pay
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CASTInterim is our solution to time-critical talent needs

Through CASTInterim, your business will have the high-caliber expertize and experience needed to act with agility.

In less than 48 hours, you'll receive the wealth of problem-solving knowledge that comes with interim professionals, as well as their fresh and impartial perspective. Successful delivery is their only aim, and with no advance payment or final lump sum, you'll get the benefit of simply paying for what you use.

CASTInterim will give you:

  • Quick access to specialist talent
  • A single point of contact for all interim communications
  • Reduced risk thanks to our compliant processes
  • The ability to view all contractor information in one place through software
  • A completely stress-free process

Would you likeā€¦

  • High-caliber talent at short notice, within 24 to 48 hours?
  • Talent that gets the job done, without a settling-in period or any issues?
  • Talent that's impartial, with the credibility to affect change and transition rapidly?
  • Talent with extensive systems knowledge?
  • The option to hire expertise on a pay-as-you-go basis?

CASTInterim provides all these things.

We work at speed - no lengthy interim recruitment processes included. With us, you can meet your strategic goals quickly.

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Do you need interim expertize?

Here are a few telltale signs that you need interim recruitment specialists:

You have an upcoming, one-time project that requires skills you don't possess internally.

You can't see the wood for the trees and need someone with a fresh, impartial perspective.

You've tried to find a permanent member of staff, but haven't found the right person or want to be certain of the skills and experience you need first.

You're looking to test a new product, service or role, but the market is uncertain or you're not yet ready to fully commit.

You need to cover a long-term absence or unexpected resignation, and fast.

Consultants vs interim managers: which should you choose?

Consultants will provide you with:

  1. The latest thinking
  2. Short-term access to top management talent
  3. Strategic capability
  4. An independent and impartial opinion
  5. The option to fast-track a critical project

Interim managers will do all that and more:

  1. The ability to implement as well as strategize
  2. Loyalty to your business aims - not their consultancy's goals
  3. A flexible approach to meet your organization's objectives
  4. A focus on your profitability - not their consultancy's profitability
  5. Increased cost-effectiveness

It's really not a case of whether you can afford an interim manager, but whether you can risk not hiring one.

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