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In recent years, supply chain management has become increasingly central to an organisations success, turning into a strategic function, rather than just an operational one. Supply Chain Managers are essential to oversee and maintain a business' complex network of relationships with trading partners so they can source, manufacture and deliver their products.

Across the specialism, the market continues to evolve. There's also large-scale disruption, prompted by the introduction of updated models and advanced technology, which has exposed a need for new skills.

With this ever-rising demand, you'll need support for your recruitment. If you're seeking to advance your supply chain management and hire best-in-class candidates, Cast USA can help.

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Let us find your next superstars. We recruit all sorts of supply chain jobs for our clients using our bespoke recruitment solutions – get in touch with us for more information on how we can help your business.

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Securing this supply chain talent for your business is so much easier with Cast USA. We're adept at understanding the challenges within the market. Plus, we can identify the need for proactive recruitment strategies, allowing you to gain access to high-calibre professionals who'll oversee dynamic, cohesive supply chain models.

Through our vast network, plus trusted relationships with senior professionals in supply chain management, you can have faith that you'll land the very best talent for your organisation. These candidates have a seamless blend of technical knowledge, leadership skills and innovation ability.

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Cast USA did a thorough job of retaining the information we provided, went out & found the candidates that would fit our company. They were all fantastic candidates.

I would absolutely feel comfortable recommending Cast to colleagues and individuals in the industry

Will Freeman

Director of Logistics at The Honey Pot

Recruitment Solutions

Think finding the right supply chain talent is complicated? That's why we've made our recruitment solutions simple. Want to choose how much you pay? Want a longer replacement period? Want to spread your payments? No problem.


  • A solution tailored to your precise needs
  • Choose the length of your free replacement period, or none at all
  • A seamless process, with every step effectively managed by us
  • Various extra features to pick from (at no additional cost)
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  • The option for a longer free replacement period over the contract length
  • Your team will be able to focus on where their talents lie: the core business
  • No issues around compliance - we'll shoulder the risk for you
  • You get the talent as soon as you're ready to propel your business growth
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signs you need our solutions now

  1. Your business growth is being hindered by poor talent acquisition
  2. You're struggling to attract the right talent
  3. Your team isn't currently able to concentrate on their core roles
  4. You don't want to deal with the complexity around the recruitment process
  5. You want to outsource recruitment without paying a lump sum

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Careers in this modern specialism are incredibly diverse across different categories, from Supply Chain Manager to Material Analyst. What's more, as a supply chain recruiter, Cast USA have a huge number of contacts, along with the know-how and experience, to enable you to meet your career goals.

Trust that with our expertise and guidance, you'll find your next career move. We strive to set new standards in recruitment, creating long-lasting and rewarding relationships. Our team will help with whole A-Z of your supply chain jobs search, including advice on resume writing, interviewing, and offer management.

So, whether you're looking for an interim, contract or permanent role, why not put your career needs in our hands?

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