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Here at Cast USA, we work across a variety of specialisms, including procurement & purchasing, buying & merchandising, supply chain, logistics & HR. All our specialisms are constantly evolving – and as they do, so do skill sets.

With the skills required continuously changing, this presents a challenge for employers and employees alike, and triggers a demand for effective resourcing strategies. Our specialist recruiters collaborate with a cross-section of startups, scaleups, hypergrowth companies and visionary SMEs.

Armed with years of experience and knowledge in these areas, we’ll be able to help you – whether you’re an organization seeking the best people, or a candidate wanting to make a real difference through a fresh start.

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By partnering closely with clients to align recruitment strategies with business goals, and supporting candidates with their career aspirations and journeys, our team produce optimum outcomes. So, whether you’re a business searching for the right talent, or a candidate wanting to fulfil your ambitions through something new, our recruitment specialists are here to support you.

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