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VP of Global Sales

Ref: 550573

Atlanta, Georgia, USA


  • Permanent
  • Strategic Sales Leader
  • Relationship Builder
  • Industry Expertise

About the candidate

The candidate is a seasoned VP of Global Sales with over two decades of experience in strategic sales planning, relationship management, and market expansion, primarily in the highly competitive food distribution sector. This professional has demonstrated exceptional capabilities in overseeing P&L, developing new business, and establishing long-lasting relationships with national and international suppliers. They are known for their strong leadership skills, which have been essential in recruiting, building, and retaining high-performance teams.

What makes them great?

  • Generated nearly $40 million in consistent recurring revenue through key account management and strategic vendor negotiations.
  • Increased sales by 40% over recent years, underscoring proficiency in market expansion and competitive positioning.
  • Adept at identifying cost-saving opportunities and improving operational efficiencies, resulting in over 20% productivity increase.

Areas of expertise

  • Strategic Sales Planning: Proven track record in formulating strategies that amplify market share and drive revenue.
  • Relationship Management: Expert in nurturing significant client and supplier partnerships, critical for expansive business growth.
  • Team Leadership: Skilled in managing large teams, ensuring productivity and alignment with corporate goals.

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