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Sr. Manager of Supply Chain Planning

Ref: 445303

Lincoln, NE


  • Permanent
  • Supply Chain Optimization,Strategic Planning Expert,Inventory Management Specialist

About the candidate

A seasoned Sr. Manager of Supply Chain Planning with extensive experience in large-scale operations within food and beverage, consumer products, and high-tech industries. Notable for minimizing costs, enhancing supply chain efficiency through strategic planning and analytics, and leading successful teams towards achieving business goals. Skilled in navigating complex supply chain issues and delivering sustainable business benefits.

What makes them great?

  • Led team at a major North American plant with the highest inventory reduction, showcasing exceptional leadership and operational oversight.
  • Developed and implemented a robust S&OP process that streamlined cross-functional team efforts and strengthened departmental collaborations.
  • Designed inventory and forecasting tools that supported a 450% growth within the company, significantly handling increased scale without compromising on quality.

Areas of expertise

  • Forecasting and Demand Planning: In-depth skills in predicting market trends and preparing inventory to meet customer demand efficiently.
  • Strategic S&OP and SIOP: Developing and implementing sales and operations planning strategies that align company objectives with customer expectations.
  • Inventory Optimization and Planning: Expertise in balancing cost management with service level optimization to facilitate effective inventory control.
  • Supply and Capacity Planning: Skilled in managing resources across various functions to match supply with demand.
  • Purchasing and Supplier Management: Strong skills in vendor relationships, ensuring cost-effective procurement and timely supply of materials.
  • Advanced Excel and Analytical Modeling: Leveraging superior Excel proficiency and analytical tools to enhance business decision-making and operational performance.

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