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Senior Supply Chain Manager

Ref: 536313

Austell, Georgia

$86.00 per hour

  • Permanent

About the candidate

Experienced and results-driven, this Organized Supply Chain Manager brings over twelve years of expertise to the table, specializing in cost reduction and quality enhancement within the realm of supply chain management. Renowned for adeptly leading teams and implementing effective cost control techniques, this professional is dedicated to streamlining processes and ensuring timely project delivery. With a robust skill set spanning from end-to-end supply chain management to strategic sourcing and project management, they have consistently demonstrated proficiency in optimizing operations and driving impactful change across various organizational levels.

What makes them great?

  • Led strategic planning initiatives focusing on distribution network optimization.
  • Successfully transitioned fixed cost facilities to a variable cost model, resulting in cost savings and improved flexibility.
  • Managed inventory planning for 3,000 packaged and bulk products, achieving a 5% increase in forecast accuracy.
  • Controlled inventory daily to align with organizational plans, ensuring optimal stock levels and minimizing excess or shortages.
  • Managed and mentored teams of up to 8 direct reports across multiple functional departments. Demonstrated strong leadership in hiring new associates as needed while reducing costs by 20%.
  • Implemented a transportation network optimization initiative that resulted in significant cost reductions. Drove continuous improvement initiatives, establishing departmental productivity and quality indicators to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Oversaw transportation of approximately $35M in equipment and materials annually, ensuring uninterrupted operations during major exercises.
  • Managed global transportation logistics and collaborated with suppliers throughout the procurement process to maintain supply chain integrity and efficiency.

Areas of expertise

  • Proficient in overseeing the entirety of supply chain processes, from procurement to distribution, ensuring seamless operations and optimal efficiency.
  • Adept at utilizing data-driven insights to identify root causes of issues and implement targeted solutions, thereby enhancing overall performance and mitigating risks.
  • Skilled in effectively managing inventory levels to align with organizational goals, optimizing stock levels while minimizing excess or shortages.
  • Demonstrates expertise in strategically sourcing materials and services, fostering strong vendor relationships, and negotiating favourable terms to drive cost savings and quality improvements.
  • Proficient in leading cross-functional teams through the successful implementation of projects, from planning and execution to monitoring and evaluation, ensuring alignment with organizational objectives.
  • Capable of fostering a collaborative and high-performing team environment, providing mentorship and guidance to team members to drive productivity and professional development.
  • Committed to driving continuous improvement initiatives, implementing best practices, and optimizing processes to enhance efficiency and deliver superior results.
  • Skilled in optimizing supply chain processes and workflows, leveraging technology and innovation to streamline operations and maximize resource utilization.

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