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Senior Project Manager

Ref: 547146

Schertz, TX


  • Permanent
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Project Management Excellence
  • Immediately Available

About the candidate

This candidate brings a wealth of experience as a Senior Project Manager, with over 20 years in the IT industry and a solid background in business, product, project, supply chain, and outsourced manufacturing operations management. They have an extensive understanding of the computer electronics products' hardware development process, from conceptualizing solutions to delivering complete products. Their expertise spans across coordinating with diverse teams for new product introduction (NPI) processes, maintaining high levels of stakeholder engagement, and adept knowledge of various project management and operational tools such as SAP ERP, Oracle PLM, and Atlassian Jira. Additionally, the candidate is prepared with PMP training and has a proven success rate in bringing consumer electronics products to mass production.

What makes them great?

  • Demonstrated ability in bringing products from the conceptual stage to mass production efficiently and successfully.
  • Over 20 years of industry experience, with a focus on consumer electronics, providing a deep understanding of the market and product lifecycle.
  • Strong interdisciplinary collaboration skills, having worked closely with teams in design engineering, product development, quality assurance, and business sales.
  • Effective management of stakeholder expectations and building processes that enhance project delivery and operational efficiency.
  • Highly experienced in managing and coordinating with manufacturing sites for product development and sustaining production programs.

Areas of expertise

  • Extensive experience in IT industry, specifically in project management for business/product/project/supply chain/outsourced manufacturing operations.
  • Proven track record in consumer electronics products development from concept to mass production with a 100% success rate.
  • Strong familiarity with NPI processes including coordination with manufacturing, quality assurance, RMA, and end-of-life processes.
  • Exceptional stakeholder management skills, adept at dealing with multiple stakeholders at various levels within an organization.
  • Proficient with SAP ERP, Oracle PLM, Atlassian Jira projects, and advanced Excel functionalities.

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