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Senior Manager QC Microbiology

Ref: 533358

Atlanta, GA

$500.00 per hour

  • Permanent

About the candidate

This candidate is a seasoned laboratory professional with a remarkable skill set that spans over 30 years of experience. Her core expertise lies in microbiology, where she demonstrate advanced knowledge in testing methods, aseptic techniques, and equipment utilization. A standout leader and manager, she has successfully overseen teams, managed complex projects, and exhibited strong problem-solving skills. Notably, the candidate excels in training, having served as a subject matter expert for QC Microbiology and CELabs, showcasing a dedication to employee development and organizational excellence. Her proficiency in quality control, evidenced by meticulous data review, adherence to regulatory guidelines, and effective communication with management, underlines her commitment to maintaining high standards of quality and compliance within laboratory environments. Overall, this candidate combines technical prowess, leadership acumen, training proficiency, and a steadfast commitment to regulatory adherence, making them a valuable asset in the fields of microbiology, quality control, and laboratory management.

What makes them great?

  • Over 30 years of experience in quality control and clinical laboratory environments, the candidate has developed advanced knowledge and proficiency in microbiology. This includes expertise in microbiological testing methods, aseptic techniques, and the utilization of laboratory equipment.
  • The candidate's ability to troubleshoot problems, recommend corrective actions, and ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines showcases their deep understanding of the field.
  • Demonstrated strong leadership and management skills in roles such as Manager of QC Microbiology and Manager of Sr. QC Scientist, Training. Managing a team of 22 direct reports, coordinating projects, and taking a leadership role in various tasks highlight the candidate's ability to lead, motivate, and build effective teams.
  • The candidate has excelled in the training domain, serving as a Training SME for QC Microbiology and CELabs. They have been involved in creating and maintaining training curricula, coordinating training sessions, and ensuring personnel are appropriately trained.
  • The candidate's ability to implement best training practices, establish new training laboratories, and manage training metrics demonstrates their commitment to employee development and organizational excellence.
  • Her experience in quality control is evident in their roles involving data review, CAPA, and project participation. She has a strong understanding of regulatory guidelines such as cGMP and apply this knowledge to independently develop, write, and execute methods, protocols, reports, and other related documents.
  • The candidate's commitment to completing work in a timely manner, ensuring compliance in testing, and communicating effectively within the team showcases their dedication to maintaining high-quality standards.

Areas of expertise

  • Extensive experience in microbiology, particularly in quality control settings. This includes expertise in microbiological testing methods, aseptic techniques, and the utilization of various laboratory equipment for testing and monitoring purposes.
  • The candidate has a strong background in training, both as a manager and a senior quality control scientist.
  • She also has experience in training coordination, Train the Trainer programs, and establishing new training laboratories.
  • Additionally, the candidate has expertise in bioassay testing, which involves analyzing data related to Endotoxin, Mycoplasma, sterility, and environmental monitoring.
  • Possess strong leadership and management skills, this includes leading teams, managing direct reports, coordinating projects, and serving as a problem-solver.

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