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Senior Director Distribution

Ref: 513316

Atlanta, GA


  • Permanent

About the candidate

A dynamic, multi-talented Manager with experience creating strategic initiatives that enhance business growth, customer retention, and profitability.

What makes them great?

  • Recognized for developing training programs that motivate teams to set and achieve goals.
  • Identifies opportunities and creates initiatives to elevate process improvement.
  • Builds top-performing teams that design and launch innovative business solutions.
  • Establishes positive relationships with customers, optimizes new business growth, and delivers a seamless customer experience.

Areas of expertise

  • Responsible for all inventory, logistics, and distribution functions for the entire US network.
  • Manages distribution and logistics budgets of over $30M.
  • Responsible for machines, attachments, and spare parts inventory valued at $230M across 9 locations.
  • Developed centralized inventory and logistics departments that resulted in 12% inventory accuracy improvements and 20% transportation cost reductions.
  • Designed and implemented a $650K racking expansion project which resulted in a 40% storage capacity increase and a 6% facing fill improvement.

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