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Sales Manager

Ref: 541842

Atlanta, Georgia


  • Permanent
  • Lumber Industry Expertise
  • Strategic Sales Growth
  • Available In 2 Weeks

About the candidate

With over two decades of experience in the lumber industry, this Sales Manager brings an exceptional track record of exceeding sales targets and a profound understanding of the marketplace. His expertise extends into areas such as client relationship building, strategic planning and implementation, and comprehensive knowledge of lumber products. Having led sales operations in notable companies within the industry across various states, including Georgia and Alabama, the candidate has demonstrated remarkable abilities in sales team leadership, product pricing strategies, and conversion of leads into successful sales. This candidate brings invaluable experience from his tenures as both a Sales Manager and National Accounts Manager, where he's significantly grew sales figures and developed key strategic relationships. Moreover, his role as a Purchasing Manager saw him exceeding sales targets and driving growth through innovative strategies and diligent market analysis.

What makes them great?

  • Grew sales from ~$8 million to over $36 million within two years at a leading lumber company.
  • Implemented a highly successful European Spruce program, leading to procurement of $16MM in a new product line over three years.
  • Expert in transforming leads into sales, significantly contributing to company revenue.

Areas of expertise

  • Leading sales strategies for industrial and commodity lumber products.
  • Experienced in client relations and new business development.
  • Proficient in market analysis and pricing strategy implementation.
  • Adept at team leadership and mentoring new traders.

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