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Sales Leader/ Manager

Ref: 30144

Kennesaw, GA


  • Permanent

About the candidate

This candidate is a seasoned professional with extensive expertise in the Plumbing and HVAC industry across service, installation, contracting, and wholesale environments. With a robust background in sales, operations, and fiscal management, he brings proven capabilities in leading teams, both independently and collaboratively. His dynamic and motivational leadership skills, coupled with a strong training and development background, set them apart. Noteworthy is his  proficiency in residential and commercial sales, along with excellent communication and interpersonal skills that have led to outstanding customer and vendor relations. His high energy, perseverance, and adaptability contribute to a competitive and determined approach to achieving goals.

What makes them great?

  • This candidate has demonstrated expertise in engaging with corporate offices and regional managers for strategic planning, leading to successful long-term growth initiatives.
  • Exhibits proficiency in overseeing and managing branch operations, including coaching and developing teams, handling managerial duties, and ensuring adherence to corporate values and philosophies.
  • Prioritizes customer satisfaction by actively engaging with residential homeowners, commercial accounts, and property managers, fostering positive relationships and ensuring their needs are met.
  • Brings a unique perspective with certifications in various law enforcement and security-related disciplines, showcasing a well-rounded skill set and a commitment to excellence.

Areas of expertise

  • In-depth knowledge of service, installation, contracting, and wholesale environments specifically for the Plumbing and HVAC Industry. Certified in numerous Plumbing and HVAC disciplines. Certified in various law enforcement and security-related disciplines.
  • Proven capabilities in sales, operations, and fiscal management. Recognized by national manufacturers (Trane, Goodman/Daikin, Lennox) as a sales leader.
  • Established proficiency in both residential and commercial sales. Engages with residential homeowners, commercial accounts, and property managers for presentations, installations, and ongoing support.
  • Multifaceted roles, from Sales Consultant to General Manager, showcasing adaptability and comprehensive industry knowledge. Experience in daily coaching, call management, and team leadership. Dynamic and motivational leadership skills with a background in training and development.
  • Acknowledged by national manufacturers for sales leadership. Consistent track record of surpassing sales and budget goals.

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