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Sales & Marketing Manager

Ref: 500332

Yardley, PA


  • Permanent
  • Supply Chain Efficiency,Client Relationship Management,Strategic Market Expansion

About the candidate

With over a decade of expertise, this candidate brings a robust background in Sales & Marketing, primarily focused on the logistics sector and elevating supply chain management. Holding a degree in Business Management, their professional trajectory includes notable leadership roles driving sales excellence and market expansion initiatives. Their career is marked by success in improving customer experience and creating impactful business results using a combination of analytical prowess and strategic planning.

What makes them great?

  • Outperformance - Achieved a 25% better performance than key competitors in 2022.
  • Training Programs - Designed and implemented a sales training program that boosted sales representative performance by 30%.
  • Retention and Growth - Exceptional client retention rate of 98% through effective advocacy and service improvement measures. Witnessed year-over-year growth reaching 8.5%, surpassing targets by 5% in 2021.

Areas of expertise

  • CRM Management - Proficient in Salesforce, enhancing customer relationship management.
  • Solutions Consulting - Expert in crafting tailored solutions for complex market challenges.
  • Relationship Cultivation - Skilled in building and maintaining strong professional relationships.
  • Supply Chain Management - Extensive experience in optimizing and managing supply chains across multiple geographies.
  • Negotiation - Strong negotiation skills, securing advantageous terms.
  • Process Improvement - Consistently works to enhance business processes for efficiency.

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