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Regional Retail Account Manager

Ref: 542594

Atlanta, GA


  • Permanent
  • Client Account Management
  • Team Leadership
  • Business Growth

About the candidate

Our candidate is an experienced Regional Retail Account Manager with a strong track record in B2B & B2C sales, and territory management within the commercial and retail sectors. Offering a comprehensive skillset that includes customer outreach, relationship selling, team leadership, budget management, and strategic marketing initiatives. The candidate has a notable background in managing retail build-outs, client account management, performance evaluations, and driving business growth through effective problem resolution and fiscal management.

Throughout his career, he has been instrumental in driving territory sales, achieving retail and budget goals, and maintaining relationships with key account partners. His expertise extends to training retail associates, executing in-store events, and strategically planning to achieve sales goals. The candidate stands out for his ability to cultivate partnerships, retain top accounts, and grow profit channels, showcasing a versatile skill set adaptable to various challenges in the retail industry.

What makes them great?

  • Proven success in driving sales growth through effective training, strategic planning, and performance management.
  • Expertise in client account management, having maintained and grown key accounts through consistent engagement and problem-solving abilities.
  • Successful in implementing marketing initiatives that have significantly contributed to business growth and brand awareness.
  • Ability to lead teams towards achieving set goals, fostering a collaborative and results-driven work environment.

Areas of expertise

  • Customer Outreach
  • Relationship Selling
  • Performance Tracking and Evaluation
  • Budget Management
  • Team Leadership
  • Project Planning and Event Execution
  • Managing Operations and Efficiency
  • Revenue Forecasting & P&L Oversight

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