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Product Manager, R&D Specialist

Ref: 544436

Beaufort, SC


  • Permanent
  • Product Management
  • R&D Specialist
  • Global Market Strategy

About the candidate

With over fifteen years of extensive experience in Product Management and R&D within the consumer products industry, this candidate has demonstrated a strong capability to lead product development from conceptualization through to commercialization on a global scale. This candidate profoundly understands market needs, ensuring development aligns with consumer expectations and industry innovations. Their experience stretches across diverse sectors focusing on products such as gasoline, cosmetics, battery, and pneumatic powered outdoor power equipment, power generation tools, light commercial construction equipment, and robotics. The candidate's leadership in delivering comprehensive product strategies and roadmaps, alongside developing sales and pricing strategies, signifies their adeptness in blending technical expertise with market acumen to foster significant business growth.

What makes them great?

This candidate stands out due to their dynamic approach to product and business development, their global outlook on market trends, and their ability to significantly impact revenue growth and market share. Having led teams across the US, Europe, and China, their collaborative leadership style coupled with a creative and analytical problem-solving prowess positions them uniquely. Their track record of innovating over 90+ products in a competitive sector, resulting in substantial revenue growth, showcases their commitment to excellence and depth of industry knowledge. With an MBA and a proven ability for complex problem-solving, team-building, and developing overseas manufacturing relationships, the candidate embodies a blend of strategic vision and practical execution that is rare in the field.

Areas of expertise

  • Product Management & Development
  • Research & Business Development Consulting
  • Strategic Market Analysis & Roadmap Planning
  • Technical Sales & OEM Account Management
  • Global Business & Product Strategy Leadership

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