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Plant and Operations Manager

Ref: 499248

Atlanta, GA


  • Permanent

About the candidate

This candidate is a results orientated manager with diverse experience in logistics, warehouse, manufacturing, and distribution center. Their multi-tasking abilities include projects and working with others in different departments across organizational spectrum. They are able to apply strong work ethic by quickly identifying business driven product options and delivering viable, revenue driven solutions. 

What makes them great?

  • Increased sales by $3M revenue from new and existing
  • Responsible for P&L, annual budgets / staff KPIs and negotiating all trade terms delivering +66% EBITDA YoY
  • Streamlined processes and coordinated company resources to deliver on budget (+13% YoY)
  • Developing product roadmap alongside the VP of Product for all CE accessories across 12 categories / 18k skus
  • Train shifts on new inventory system (sups and managers) for kitbags and monitor launch to make sure teams know how to operate it; created 5S for design engineers to implement CAD drawing into system
  • Develop and administer operational procedures for outgoing shipments, handling and disposition of products and keeping the highest standards of quality

Areas of expertise

  • Bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering, Lean Six Sigma training certification, and various completed certification program
  • Manage shift schedules and production planning in support of strategic and tactical objectives of the facility to ensure 100% coverage for all working shifts in a 24/7 production facility
  • Troubleshooting log was created for operators and maintenance team to understand issues happening on site to reduce downtime
  • Responsible for safety which includes LOTO, machine guarding, safety incidents, near miss, hazardous material spills, leaks and forklifts
  • Extensive achievement record of providing manufacturing strategies based on TPM/Six Sigma, delivering up to $1M in sustainable manufacturing performance improvement.
  • Proven success in leading and developing cross-functional teams of 10 to 20 direct reports across several manufacturing platforms.
  • Accomplished in cost reduction development and execution, resulting in achievement of annual cost reduction targets in excess of $1.5M.


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