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National Account Manager

Ref: 509055

Atlanta, GA


  • Permanent

About the candidate

A seasoned and results-driven professional, the candidate embodies a comprehensive skill set honed over a decade of dedicated service within the diagnostic information service sector. With a robust background in customer relationship management, account and project oversight, and strategic planning, they have consistently delivered exceptional results while fostering strong business partnerships. Their proficiency in critical thinking, problem-solving, and adaptability has been instrumental in driving sales growth, enhancing customer satisfaction, and optimizing operational performance.

What makes them great?

  • As a National Account Manager she, achieved $4.2 million in sales and maintained an impressive client retention rate of 128%, demonstrating exceptional sales acumen and customer relationship management skills.
  • While serving as a Senior Supervisor she successfully directed the functions of patient services, including mobile phlebotomy and patient service centers, and exceeded performance requirements by effectively supervising and evaluating a team of 10 Phlebotomist Transition Specialists.
  • She played a key role in achieving a $4.7 million growth rate for the Nationwide Accounts division in 2017, contributing to a top-line revenue of $60 million through strategic sales initiatives and effective account management.
  • Demonstrated expertise by serving as the operational point person during customer onboarding for key customers, ensuring flawless startup operationally for laboratory testing and services, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Has acted as a vital liaison between commercial sales teams and various departments, providing essential support with application entry, account review and setup, and resolving inquiries promptly, contributing to streamlined processes and improved customer service.

Areas of expertise

  • Proven ability to manage large-scale accounts with a national business model, driving sales growth, and achieving high client retention rates.
  • Expertise in serving as the operational point person during customer onboarding, ensuring seamless startup operationally for laboratory testing and services, and implementing effective account management strategies.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in implementing and managing sales strategies, products, and services for national and key customers, contributing to significant revenue growth and top-line performance.
  • Strong leadership skills in supervising and evaluating teams, providing guidance and support to ensure optimal performance, and leading projects both within work groups and across functional teams.
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with various departments and stakeholders, acting as a liaison between commercial sales teams and other organizational units, to streamline processes and resolve inquiries efficiently.

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