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Global Supply Chain Manager

Ref: 543311

Atlanta, GA


  • Permanent
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Strategic Sourcing Expert
  • Cost Reduction Strategies

About the candidate

Our candidate is a seasoned Global Supply Chain Leader with over 20 years of extensive experience in streamlining sourcing and procurement processes, strategic planning, and implementing cost-saving measures across multiple industries like Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, OEM, and Manufacturing. With a solid history of achievements in strategic project procurement, inventory planning, supplier development, and contract negotiations, this professional has proven his capability in reengineering processes to foster continuous improvement and profitability.

Throughout his career, he has demonstrated exceptional skill in leading diverse teams towards achieving organizational goals, leveraging analysis and strategy development to realize cost reductions, and ensuring operational excellence. His proficiency extends to technical platforms such as Oracle, Dynamics AX, ManMan, Peoplesoft, Calyx, SAP, and various other ERP and analytics tools, positioning them as not only a leader in supply chain management but also a tech-savvy strategist ready to navigate the complexities of global supply chains.

What makes them great?

This candidate excels in developing and implementing strategic initiatives that streamline sourcing processes, reduce costs, and enhance operational efficiencies. His strong leadership qualities, combined with an analytical approach to problem-solving, enable him to deliver substantial improvements in supply chain performance. His extensive experience, coupled with his technical proficiency, makes him a valuable asset for optimizing and managing global supply chains in any dynamic and growth-oriented organization.

Areas of expertise

  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
  • Project and Inventory Management
  • Supplier Development and Negotiations
  • Cost Reduction and Operational Excellence
  • Strategy Development and Execution
  • Technical Proficiencies in Oracle, SAP, ERP Systems

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