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Global Strategic Sourcing Manager

Ref: 551574

Austin, TX


  • Permanent
  • Cost Savings Expert
  • Strategic Procurement Leadership
  • Immediately Available

About the candidate

The candidate under consideration for the role of Global Strategic Sourcing Manager brings a wealth of diverse, global procurement management experience, primarily honed in high-tech, fast-paced environments. This candidate demonstrates a prolific track record of drastically improving procurement processes, achieving significant cost savings, and enhancing supplier relations across various high-stake categories.

With an undergraduate degree in Law, the candidate has developed a sharp analytical acumen and a strategic mindset, which have been pivotal in navigating the complex landscape of global sourcing and procurement. Notable achievements include implementing pioneering solutions that led to substantial financial savings and operational efficiencies in previous roles.

What makes them great?

  • Cost Savings: Demonstrated ability to generate substantial savings, e.g., reducing costs by 36% in R&D, negotiating a 40% cost reduction in IP RFQ, and achieving 30% cost avoidance leading to $200K in savings.
  • Strategic Initiatives: Pioneered solutions that transformed procurement processes and significantly improved operational efficiencies and productivity.
  • Leadership and Collaboration: Led cross-functional teams in high-dollar value projects, enhancing stakeholder engagement and aligning business objectives with procurement strategies.

Areas of expertise

  • Cost Reduction: Proven ability to negotiate and secure significant cost savings and avoidances through strategic vendor management and procurement strategies.
  • Global Sourcing: Expertise in managing and optimizing global supply chains, including strategic sourcing from diverse international markets.
  • Supplier Relationship Management: Strong skills in fostering robust relationships with suppliers to enhance service delivery and compliance.

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