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Director Operations Transportation Logistics

Ref: 445288

Atlanta, GA


  • Permanent
  • Strategic Logistics Leadership,Cost Reduction Expert,Immediately Available

About the candidate

With an impressive career spanning over two decades in transportation and logistics, this skilled executive specializes in managing multi-site operations including inventory, shipping, and receiving, as well as overseeing comprehensive HR tasks. Their practical and strategic prowess was displayed through successful budget management and substantial cost cuts, alongside optimizing operational routes and maximally pursuing continuous improvement. Identifying cost-effective routes and aligning logistics capacity with business goals, this leader not only ensures the accomplishment of departmental standards but also enhances customer satisfaction.

What makes them great?

  • Effectively managed a $50 million transportation budget, realizing $7 million in savings within the first year by enhancing routing strategies.
  • Expertise in multi-site fleet management, covering up to 12 locations with noteworthy efficiencies in route and freight consolidation.
  • Demonstrated excellence in employee relations, emphasizing the importance of training and development within corporate frameworks.

Areas of expertise

  • Operations Management
  • Transportation
  • Fleet Management
  • Logistics
  • Human Resources
  • Strategic Leadership

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