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Director Operations - Business Optimization

Ref: 501972

Jasper, GA

$700 per day

  • Permanent / Contract

About the candidate

An accomplished and results-driven executive with over 20 years’ experience and demonstrated history of success in managing and optimizing business processes, driving efficiency, developing talent, and improving profitability.

Recognized for being a strategic advisor that is able to navigate in both the creative and business arenas and develop innovative strategies that net positive and effective results. 

What makes them great?

  • Track record reflects a consistent commitment to streamlining operations, reducing costs, and enhancing customer satisfaction while fostering a culture of growth, collaboration, and creative problem-solving.

Areas of expertise

  • Transformed the Specialty Support organization to facilitate company growth, reducing human resource expenses by $1.3M while hiring to address gaps in business analysis, people management, and product expertise. Contributed to a 12% increase in company growth during FY22.
  • Implemented quality assurance standards and Salesforce CRM for business intelligence and visibility, achieving CSAT of 82%, Quality Assurance Avg. of 86%, reduction of work in progress by nine business days, and new to in progress from seven business days to 4 hours or less.
  • Managed 23 direct reports and 6 Lines of Business, utilizing effective leadership strategies to drive success in a constantly evolving market. Led multiple ongoing projects to reach organizational goals and facilitate necessary work.
  • Achieved an impressive Associate Engagement score of 88% while leading significant contributions to company growth in FY22. Implemented a right-sizing plan that captured unbilled orders, reduced Open Orders from 8% to less than 1%, and established effective business intelligence, resulting in a $1.73M contribution.

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