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Chief Commercial Officer

Ref: 492853

Atlanta, USA

$2,000 per day

  • Contract
  • Strategic Planning,Revenue Growth,Immediate Availability

About the candidate

An experienced international business leader in the global Cargo sector, this candidate has held significant positions in major airline groups. Their work spans across regions like the Americas, Asia Pacific, India, and the Middle East, managing both capacity and revenue growth strategies. Notably effective in strategic planning, turnaround strategies, delivering efficiencies, and growth through network optimisation, the candidate boasts a proven track record of enhancing profitability in complex environments. They are adept at stakeholder management, developing skilled teams, and implementing innovative solutions. With a strong understanding of financial drivers and substantial experience in supplier management across diverse geographies, they bring a commercially focused approach to driving business success.

What makes them great?

  • Demonstrated a ~30% revenue increase through a turnaround strategy in the Asia Pacific, India, and Middle East region
  • Reduced revenue leakage to an all-time low in the Americas by strengthening compliance standards
  • Delivered over GBP 50 million in revenue from Bangladesh, utilising early market growth potential
  • Achieved significant cost savings and profitability through innovative cargo solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Introduced Salesforce-led solutions for back office and customer facing units, creating substantial annual savings

Areas of expertise

  • Strategic planning and execution in the Cargo sector
  • Turnaround strategies resulting in significant revenue spikes
  • Implementing efficiencies and process improvements for revenue growth
  • Leadership and development of multicultural teams
  • Strong financial acumen and supplier management in diverse geographies

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