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Ref: 550940

Tampa, FL, USA


  • Permanent
  • Strategic Merchandise Buyer
  • Financial Planning Proficiency
  • Immediately Available

About the candidate

The candidate is a seasoned Buyer, currently handling divisional rotations, with a diverse background in the retail sector including apparel for men, women, and children. With excellent analytical capacities and a strong aptitude for both financial oversight and market trend analysis, this candidate has consistently succeeded in roles demanding robust organizational skills and keen market insights. They have worked in environments ranging from boutique setups to large-scale retailers, building an impressive record of achieving over $20 million in annual sales in various categories.

What makes them great?

  • Operational Flexibility: Demonstrated ability to adjust and perform in various buying categories, ensuring continuity and operational excellence in management's absence.
  • Financial Acumen: Proven track record of handling buying responsibilities for categories generating $20 million to $70 million in annual sales, meeting and often exceeding financial targets.
  • Process Improvement: Implemented streamlined processes and tools such as customized Excel sheets which enhanced workflow efficiency and organizational effectiveness.

Areas of expertise

  • Merchandise Buying and Planning: Expert in optimizing merchandising strategies to maximize sales and profit margins while maintaining inventory levels that meet dynamic market needs.
  • Negotiation and Vendor Management: Skilled in orchestrating negotiations and managing relationships with a wide variety of vendors to secure beneficial terms and ensure supply chain efficiency.
  • Market Analysis and Trend Identification: Adept at conducting in-depth market research and analysis to stay ahead of market trends and position the business for success.

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